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Children can easily express their emotion by transferring them to paper. But is it a good diagnostic tool? What does it mean when the child drawa itself as the small figure? Should we worry when the child begins to draw everything in dark colors? What does it mean when the child omits one of the parents in the drawings?

I will try to answer to these and the other questions during my presentation. I am convinced that children’s drawings may show the emotional state of the child. However, I will try to explain what we can really learn about the child from its drawings.

Andrzej Śliwerski works as an assistant professor in the Department of Psychopathology and Clinical Psychology in The Institute of Psychology University of Lodz. He is a certified cognitive-behavioral therapist in an outpatient clinic. He also teaches courses for other therapists on the application of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which prepares them to apply for a CBT certificate. Co-organizer of the protest „Psychology is science, not witchcraft” as a representative of the Polish Skeptics Club. He criticized the use of projective tests in the forensic diagnostics.