ZatonskiVaccination as one of the milestone achievements of our civilisation
Vaccination - discovery, health impact and researching of modern vaccines; addressing common myths, and explaining vaccine hesitancy. The talk will cover brief history of vaccination, impact on public health today, the problem of vaccine hesitancy and a fascinating story on how vaccines led to capturing of world’s most wanted terrorist.

Dr. Maciej Zatonski, BSc, MBBS, MFPM, PhD is a surgeon and researcher, known for debunking unvalidated health interventions in clinical medicine. He is actively involved in empowering patients to make evidence-based health decision and to trust proven therapies, rather than becoming victims of unsupported claims made by various charlatans. He is a founder of the Polish Skeptics Club and a precursor of public understanding of science in Poland. Zatonski is also known for promoting evolution and evolutionary sciences. He is an author of over 30 scientific papers, and over 40 popular science articles. Voluntary declaration of conflict of interest: Dr. Maciej Zatonski is a salaried employee of a global pharmaceutical company involved in researching, manufacturing and commercialisation of vaccines; he also receives consultancy fees from R&D and academic institutions researching vaccines; he holds shares and other financial options in numerous pharmaceutical and R&D companies.