Business management, like any other social practice, is full of both: rational as ill-considered actions. Those last are often the result of accepting on faith unproven, popular solutions. In the area of business management, there are many myths that persist for years. Fortunately, empirical studies allow unmask false beliefs or practices. During the presentation we will tell you about a few such myths. We'll show you how they appeared in the practice of management and how they have been laid bare by empirical studies or systematic observation of the business. We will discuss about popular in many organizations diagnosing personality workers using special tools that describe the types of people. We will describe an unconfirmed concept of stages of group development. We will present research that undermines the legitimacy of these two propositions, which are heavily promoted in business organizations. We will consider some of the concepts of leadership and management fashion, pointing to their limitations and negligible usefulness in the rapidly changing business environment. In particular, we will discuss ''guru'' in the business world. And all within evidence-based management.


Mirosław Tarasiewicz Economist (Ph.D.,MBA) with 25 years managerial experience in the new technology sector. Trainer and coach, member of the Polish Business Trainers Association. Author of scientific and popular publications in the area of business management. Co-author of „ABC of Managerial Myths” book.










Sławomir Jarmuż Psychologist (Phd), trainer, coach, co-owner of Moderator. The author of over 30 scientific papers on Psychology and over 100 popular papers on Psychology and Business, co-author of books: „Handbook of Trainers”, „Psychology for Trainers”, „ABC of Managerial Myths” (in preparation). Over 900 workshops done. Charter member of GLOBE (The Global Leadership And Organizational Behavior Effectiveness Research Program).