The purpose of the workshop is to build a methodological sensitivity of high school students in the field of history. Students learn about the difficulties of historian's workshop: conditions for formulating the hypotheses, influence of non-substantive factors on historical description, historical distortions in transmission of primary source and formation of collective cognitive patterns based on them. In work groups, students undertake a critical analysis of the "evident" knowledge about Aristotle's Metaphysics, confronting them with the ancient and medieval sources and discovering the semantic distortions in the successive historical receptions of the work.


Paweł P. Wróblewski. Since obtaining a Ph.D. in 2009, he is employed as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at the University of Wroclaw, Poland, where he teaches courses in the fields of ancient and medieval philosophy, philosophy of theology, intercultural communication, diplomacy, psychology of relations. In 2016 he was appointed a Deputy Director of the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Wroclaw responsible for teaching and learning.