I will speak about elementary properties of reality stemming from the quantum theory and discuss its weirdness that seems to contradict our common sense.

Andrzej Dragan studied in Warsaw and on scholarships in Amsterdam, Oxford and Lisbon, got his PhD in quantum physics cum laude in 2005. Awarded for the best MSc thesis in physics in Poland by the Polish Physical Society (2001), got a stipend from the European Science Foundation (2001, 2002), grants from the State Committee for Scienctific Research (2002, 2003), Award for the Young Scholars from the Foundation for Polish Science (2003, 2004), Stay With Us scholarship from the largest Polish weekly magazine „Polityka” (2004), Minister of Education Award for Outstanding Scholars (2010). Contributed to conferences or seminars in Amsterdam, Brisbane, Durban, Glasgow, London, Madrid, Minsk, Munich, Nottingham, Oxford, Singapore, St. Andrews, Warsaw, Waterloo and Tokyo. Member and former scientific secretary of the Head Commitee of the Physics Olympiad.

Previously worked at Imperial College London, University of Nottingham, currently working as an assistant professor of physics at Warsaw University, where he also received habilitaition (DSc) in 2015. He is leading a research group on Relativistic Quantum Information.

Andrzej is a photography artist and a prize winner in this field. In the past Andrzej was a winner of many national and international music-composing competitions. In 2014 Andrzej established a movie production studio Weird. The premiere production received the Golden Sword award for the best personal work at the KTR ad festival (2014) and Best in Show and Best CGI awards from Creative Review (2014). Weird recently produced a music video for Behemoth (2015).

Never tasted coffee.