For Adult

Why psychology is sometimes magic, but a magic does not replace psychology?

Show of magic tricks performed by the duo "Alert & Ego" combined with a lecture on the psychology of sensory and cognitive illusions

Dear Sir or Madam,
We invite you all adult persons to the show: "Why psychology is sometimes magic, but a magic does not replace psychology?", during which we hope to enchant you with psychological phenomena that accompany us every day.
During the show we will show through the illusion, what the "NeuroMagic" is.. We will bring the most common myths about psychology, among others:
- Does psychologist can read in minds?
- Does phenomena of telekinesis exsist?
- Can we conclude about the personality basing on the zodiac sign and the height?
We hope to ooze a magical aura around the science. We want to arouse the curiosity and cognitive pursuit of scientific truth and to develop a passion for discovery.

Duo "Alert & Ego"

Dominik Kantorowicz

Dominik Kantorowicz is the founder of the portal The Small Psychology ( Fifth-year student of psychology at the Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education in Warsaw. Among his interests are primarily the psychology of lies and cognitive psychology. He believes that conjurors and illusionists can explain psychological phenomena in an interesting way and debunk myths about psychology as a science and practice. He works with The Polish Skeptics Club for the popularization of science and promoting critical thinking.








Gavra Djordjević

Gavra Djordjevic studied chemistry with a specialization in high-energy explosives. Magic and psychology are his hobbies. Always willing to use every opportunity to cheer and intrigue people. As the other half of the magic duo "Alert & Ego", he specializes in the card illusions.