For Adult

Supernatural and paranormal phenomena closed under natural conditions

  • What is extrasensory perception? What do you know about telepathy, clairvoyance? Do you think this is a confirmed phenomenon?
  • Does the fact that we see mean that the eyes emit something?
  • Do subliminal stimuli effectively lead to making a purchase? Why yes, why not?
  • Do you think that by using hypnosis you can go back to your previous incarnations?
  • What do you think about the claim that "During the full moon the number of admissions to psychiatric hospitals and the number of crimes committed rises"

Psychology accompanies us in our daily lives but still a huge part of our knowledge of it is false. We invite young people and adults to a lecture during which we will talk about the widespread myths about the supernatural, on the border of magic and the paranormal. We will examine how pop psychological myths become the cause of making unwise decisions in everyday life.

Dominika Surała has a MA in psychology in Development Support and Education. As project coordinator of The Small Psychology Portal, she uses her analytical skills to implement, coordinate, and evaluate the initiatives. Her love for psychology develops in the field of communication, social media and marketing. She collaborates with The Polish Skeptics Club to spread reliable psychological knowledge and develop critical thinking.